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Is Tennis Elbow Jeopardizing

Your Tennis Season? 

Before it gets any worse


Take this simple test to see if you have Tennis Elbow:

Extend your affected arm out in front of you.

Extend your wrist upwards with your hand, closed fist. 

Reach around with your other hand and try to push your hand down towards the floor. If you try to resist and push back against the force, your elbow pain should increase.

If you have pain in your elbow and upper forearm, you have tennis elbow.

Is your  grip  getting weaker?

Has your Elbow pain  been getting worse over time?

Do you have outer forearm pain that sometimes radiates down from the elbow, through your forearm, and into your wrist or hand?

 Do you have a spike in elbow pain when you grip or grasp an object?

This demo shows you the biomechanical techniques described in the eBook

Watch a demonstration

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